Head office and warehouse:
Tryavna 18 Ukraine Street tel./fax:+359 677 6 23 62
GSM: +359 888 507 615
GSM: +359 898 507 615
was established in 1997, and since then has been developing in the sphere of the production and trade in knitted fabrics, viscose, repp, electro-jacquard, rotation stamps, three - and two-thread wadding, threads and consumables for the tailoring business. It offers a wide variety of patterns and colours, available in stock. We can fulfill individual orders within a very short term of delivery. For bulkier orders, we have our own transport so as to be able to deliver your order wherever you wish. �For over 10 years now, Riki EOOD has been working with clients from all over Bulgaria. On this site, you can find a catalogue of our complete range of fabrics and all the other products we offer. Delivery � to any part of the country.
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